Dr. Kristin Rainville

Dr. Randall Glading, the developer and researcher for the project, has over 35 years’ experience in public education in both the inner city and suburban communities. He is the author of “Overcoming the Senior Slump: Meeting the Challenge with Internships,” and “The Qualities of a Master Teacher Today: What’s Essential in Reaching All Students.” He is a professor at Sacred Heart University.


Dr. Randall Glading
Dr. Charles Britton

Dr. Kristin N. Rainville is an Assistant Professor of Literacy at Sacred Heart University. Her research focuses on literacy leadership and teaching and has appeared in journals such as The Reading Teacher, Reading & Writing Quarterly, and Young Children. She is also co-author of two books and book chapters. Kristin is a former classroom teacher, literacy coach, as well as coordinator of a state-level office.

 Dr. Karen C. Waters is Director of the Connecticut Literacy Specialist Program and Clinical Assistant Professor at Sacred Heart University. Since 2008, she has directed the reading clinic “Book Ends,” a site-based university clinic and outreach tutoring program for struggling students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 from nearby Bridgeport, Conn.

Dr. Karen C. Waters
Dr. Eric Freedman

Dr. Eric Freedman has taught high school history and is now Assistant Professor of Teacher Education at the Farrington College of Education, Sacred Heart University. His research explores the teaching of history and the design of antiracist curriculum, and has appeared in the journals Cognition and Instruction and Harvard Educational Review.

Bonnie Maur

Bonnie Maur has served as a professor at Sacred Heart University for 20 years and currently serves not only as the content area specialist for the STEM page on the classes without walls website but also as the STEM Coordinator for the Isabelle Farrington College of Education. She has presented at multiple National Science Foundation and New England League of Middle Schools conferences and served on multiple committees for the State of Connecticut Department of Education.


Dr. Charles Britton is an Assistant Superintendent in the Portland School District in Portland, Conn. He is an adjunct professor at Sacred Heart University, where he is a key researcher and author of the program.

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